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Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers

During the warm summer months in Sandy Springs, Georgia, the high heat index can make your outdoor experience uncomfortable. Fortunately, we have an easy, cost-effective, long-lasting solution.  

Home of the best deck contractors in Sandy Springs, we will take your dream outdoor living space from design to reality with our premium products, including wood decks, composite decks, deck & patio covers pergolas, gazebos, arbors, and pavilions.  

Our company believes that every homeowner deserves to feel confident and secure in any project. We offer a hassle-free transparent process. Our team of designers will sit with you and listen to your needs, vision, and budget. We will then give you a walk-through and a free estimate.  

Our portfolio includes all our patio, deck, and accessory installations. As you scroll through our picture gallery, do not forget to note the kinds of styles and designs that appeal to you. We are experienced deck builders in Sandy Springs we will guide you in picking out industry-leading materials so you can express your style. If you see something you like, we can start there and customize it to your style. 

In addition, all our projects are backed by Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers’ best workmanship guarantee. Plus, manufacturers’ warranties are also available to protect you against defects in materials. No other Sandy Springs deck builder provides this level of client assurance and protection.  

We have the best deck builders in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Many of our customers are happy to report that they have seen a tremendous increase in the resale value whenever they go and sell their homes.   

When you decide to work with Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers, your entire household will enjoy worry-free, quality production and unmatched security not available from other deck building companies in Sandy Springs, Georgia. 


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Wood Decks

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A deck is a one-time investment that pays dividends for many years. Your home’s value will increase with a well-designed outdoor living area. Every homeowner’s budget and style are unique. Therefore, you must understand the best choice of materials before starting your building project.  

Wood decks

There are multiple options you can go with, such as synthetic or composite railings and decking. But if you are looking for an affordable deck design that naturally integrates your home and landscaping, then a wood deck is for you. 

Natural wood provides a natural, warm appearance that exudes beauty and elegance. Not only does it look and feel good, but it is extremely durable. Because of its affordability and multiple benefits, wood is one of the most popular materials used for decking.  

With unlimited design potential, you can customize your wood deck to give you precisely what you want out of your outdoor living space. You can easily renew and refinish the wood decking with numerous paints, stains, and sealers on the market. 

Custom decks have a higher return on investment, which means you will make more of your money back if you sell your home in the future. Our excellent team of deck builders in Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers will create a wood deck that fits your lifestyle, needs, and design preferences without draining your wallet. 

Composite decks

If you are looking for a unique deck specially tailored to your home, a composite deck design is a way to go. They are typically made from various materials, including wood fiber, chips, sawdust, and other plastic materials that are processed into a mold. The mixture is added with preservatives and pigment to give it the appearance of genuine wood.  

Composite decks are incredibly durable as they are not susceptible to erosion or degeneration caused by weather conditions. The kind of material is safer for families with energetic kids and pets because there is less probability of insect infestations and splinters.  

Composite decks last up to 25-35 years. With minimal maintenance required, you will not be out there sanding, staining, or often sealing to maintain the quality. They are fuss-free and only require spot treatment or light washing to brush off dust and grime. Lastly, composite decks are sourced from recycled materials, making it an ecologically sound choice. 

As one of the best composite deck contractors in Sandy Springs, we will build your dream outdoor living space using the best composite materials. Our company is known to build decks that are low maintenance yet long-lasting. That is why we are confident in the composite decks we create. We pride ourselves in working excellent standards and ensuring that any project is completed right the first time. With the best deck builders in Sandy Springs, we will build a composite deck that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. 

Additional deck designs

Multiple enhancements can be added to your deck’s design including pavers, ponds, and even in-ground pools. A wet bar or a hot tub addition can give you fresh air in a relaxing setting that fully complements your home.  

Stairs and platforms can be readily built to provide a second level for extra space. That new floor can then be turned into your private lounge area so that you can have your own space while the kids play downstairs. 

If you like entertaining large groups of guests on your deck, you have the option of built-in bench seating and placing a surrounding dining and kitchen area centered by a fireplace. Popular additions include an oven, gas grill, cupboard space, and spacious counter space with barstools for drinking and dining that will efficiently expand the square footage of your living space. 

Whether made from cedar, redwood, hardwood, or composite materials, our efficient team of deck builders in Sandy Springs will deliver custom decks that are both beautiful and long-lasting.  

Deck & patio covers

A well-designed deck and patio cover can enhance even the simplest outdoor living space. Imagine entertaining guests for brunch or when hosting a family BBQ in your backyard: wouldn’t it be nice to do so under the shade instead of the scorching heat?  

There are many advantages to getting a cover installed on your deck or patio: 

  • Protection from the Elements: You can fully enjoy a meal, party, or just relax outside with your family regardless of the weather. With Georgia’s weather, you can assure you would not get sunburnt when you are under the shade of the cover.  
  • Versatility: If you decide you want your entire patio or deck enclosed later, remodeling will be a breeze. 
  • Aesthetic Appeal: You can choose a variety of attractive colors and styles can be combined to complement any type of furniture, lighting, and decor. 
  • Saving Energy: Covers are insulated and keep the space beneath it cooler. Plus, they also keep your indoors cooler. That results in less work for your A/C unit and more money in your wallet. 

At Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers, we build strong, structurally sound roofs with weatherproof barriers that protect you and your furniture from the elements.  We offer a wide variety of weather-resistant, care-free products available multiple styles, colors, and measurements. Our popular designs include the Open Gable Patio Cover, Shed Style Patio Cover, Hip and Ridge Patio Covers, and Drop Ceiling Patio Cover. 

You can also customize your patio cover to your preferences, including interior posts covered in brick, ceiling fans, recessed lighting, or built-in cabinetry. Sandy Springs’ Covers all share our company’s trademark dedication to high-quality construction, long-term durability, and brilliant design.  


Pavilions are free-standing structures that typically come in square or rectangular shapes with a solid roof and an open-air design, offering comfort despite Sandy Springs’ warmth and humid climate.  Pavilions provide a feeling of leisure plus unbeatable shade and protection from the elements. 

When choosing the design for your outdoor pavilion, it is important to consider purpose, size, and landscape. Once that is taken into consideration, you can select the style you like best.  

Wood Pavilions have a distinct appeal that is hard to beat for beauty and value. The charming ambiance is perfect for getting that country lodge feel. Lumber comes in a variety of stains and paint choices, widening your design options. It is traditionally more affordable and increases the value of your home.  

On the other hand, Vinyl Pavilions have the advantage of needing less maintenance. They blend beautifully with a contemporary house that has vinyl or cement siding. There is no need to worry too much. Our friendly and highly trained team of designers has been amazed at customizing pavilion layouts to your vision while ensuring you receive a quality product at a price you will love. 


A pergola is an excellent way to add comfort and character to your outdoor space while protecting you from nature’s elements. With open and airy roofs, pergolas allow filtered sunlight into your outdoor space. You can easily customize how much sun or shade the pergola provides.  

They are also commonly used to block out unpleasant views or flaws. If you live in populated residential areas, pergolas can address your privacy concerns. They can be strategically placed within your landscape to provide seclusion from neighbors or enhance a focal point in your garden.  

If you are looking to build a designated sitting area, poolside retreat, or carport, we recommend looking into our freestanding pergolas. On the flip side, attached pergolas provide shade to your deck’s dining area and create a graceful transition from your indoor to outdoor space.  

Wood has a lot of versatility and visual appeal hence why it is our most popular choice for designing pergolas. It is traditionally less expensive than other materials and provides a unique old charm that adds elegance and style to any outdoor structure.  

Pergolas made of vinyl materials are durable and low maintenance. They do not warp, rot, fade, chip or become discolored nor do they require annual staining or frequent maintenance. Unlike wood pergolas, they are not susceptible to wood-boring insects like termites and they are not treated with harmful chemicals.  

Pergolas are economical, elegant, and long-lasting. Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers’ customized pergolas are guaranteed to fit your vision and budget. 


Sunrooms are a great addition to any home. With floor-to-ceiling windows, you would have the perfect place to soak in the sunlight, watch the stars on winter nights in Georgia, and even grow your houseplants all year round.  

Sunrooms are structures primarily made of glass that wrap around a patio or deck. They come with screened openings that can be closed, depending on your choice. Sunrooms allow homeowners to enjoy the sunlight and stars without bracing the heat, cold, rain, wind, snow, and especially bugs. With the expert sunroom builders at Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers, you can enjoy your backyard in all four seasons. 

Every Sandy Springs sunroom we install is both reliable and easy to maintain. With thermal roofs that deflect the sun’s UV rays, energy-efficient windows, plus Lifetime Warranty, it will meet the needs and budget of your household and provide year-round comfort. 

Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers can offer you a wide array of designs that will not disappoint. The single-eave roof of a studio sunroom complements the style of almost any home and suits well to skylights and ceiling fans. For an open and spacious design, Cathedral sunrooms flood the space with natural light. If you are hesitant about adding a sunroom because you worry it will disrupt your home’s look, we offer customized and integrated designs as they blend seamlessly into any part of the house. 

You can depend on our experts to create the sunroom that adds comfort, luxury, and long-term value to your property.  


Whether you want a space for entertaining friends, hosting afternoon tea parties, or enjoying the beauty and sound of nature, a gazebo is a great addition to your outdoor space. 

Gazebos are either square-cornered or arched and often placed on paths and walkways. They act as an entrance or passage to a garden or backyard. They are also used along paths to keep people on the trail and not stray onto the grounds. There are many variations in the materials used in building arbors. Although most are wooden, arbors can also be made of iron, steel, vinyl, or aluminum.  

Choosing the right style to fit your needs will depend on use, location, and space availability. The good news is that no matter which one you decide to go with, having an outdoor living area beautifies your space and adds value and worth to your home.  

Our excellent team of gazebo builders wants you to be as creative as you want and reflect your unique style. 


For any garden to stand out, all you need is an arbor, preferably covered in glorious climbing roses and morning glories.  

They are either square-cornered or arched and often placed on paths and walkways. They act as an entrance or passage to a garden or backyard. They are also used along paths to keep people on the trail and not stray onto the grounds. There are many variations in the materials used in building arbors. Although most are wooden, arbors can also be made of iron, steel, vinyl, or aluminum.  

We pride in having the most excellent team of arbor builders in Sandy Springs. If you need help choosing a color, design, or material, look no further; we at Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers can assist. 


Even the sturdiest outdoor structures endure a lot of wear and tear – everything from harsh weather, debris, water damage, insects, discoloration due to the sun’s UV rays, or the wood simply becomes loose or cracked with age. Whatever material was used to build your project, it will require regular maintenance. Sandy Springs’ Decks & Patio Covers provide the following services: 

  • Comprehensive maintenance inspection. 
  • Cleaning, repair, and restoration. 
  • Damage repair and replacement. 
  • Cosmetic repair. 
  • Sheathing replacement. 
  • Structural framework replacement. 
  • Drainage issue correction. 
  • Stucco patching and painting 
  • Wood siding replacement and painting. 

Everything you need to keep your deck in tip-top shape will be taken care of by our highly skilled team of experts. From cleaning to repairs to weatherizing, we provide the most reliable repair and maintenance services. 

Take your outdoor living to a whole new level

Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers will plan a concept that is perfect for your style, needs, budget, and vision. We are known to and build the best decks, patios, pavilions, pergolas, sunrooms, gazebos, and arbors in the Sandy Springs area.  

Bringing over decades of design and build experience for each and every homeowner’s needs, our expert team at Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers have a true dedication for building and installing low to no maintenance, gorgeous products for the families in Sandy Springs.  

Excellent craftsmanship you can trust

Trying to find competent and reliable deck contractors in Sandy Springs can be challenging. The good news is you do not have to look any further for your next project!  

We have successfully designed and installed hundreds of outdoor living home features. We are confident we can help you to create the perfect outdoor recreation areas for your home, backyard, and garden. 

Sandy Springs Deck & Patio Covers is your #1 choice for deck builders in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Call us now, and we will help you build and invest in a luxury outdoor living space that will last you a lifetime. 

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