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Gazebos and Arbors

Looking to enhance your backyard but not sure where to start?  Imagine a space that is inviting, protected from the sun, and offers comfort and privacy. If you enjoy outdoor living as much as indoor— gazebos and arbors are great options! 

Whether you want a space for entertaining friends, hosting family parties, or enjoying the beauty and sound of nature, choosing the right outdoor shade structure is an important decision. Understanding the features of these two styles will help you decide which one is right for you. 

Outdoor shade structure types: Gazebos and Arbors


An arbor is one of the simplest outdoor structures. They are either square-cornered or arched and often placed on paths and walkways. They act as an entrance or passage to a garden or backyard. They are also used along paths to keep people on the trail and not stray onto the grounds. There are many variations in the materials used in building arbors. Although most are wooden, arbors can also be made of iron, steel, vinyl, or aluminum.  

Arbors are an excellent place to gather because they too offer shade. Its walls and roof consist of an open framework usually covered with attractive climbing plants like rambling roses or morning glories. Hence, they are trendy at wedding venues. We pride in having the most excellent team of arbor builders in Sandy Springs. If you need help choosing a color, design, or material, look no further; we at Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers can assist. 


Gazebos are charming outdoor structures with a roof and partially open sides. They are designed with either built-in floors or placed on a concrete base. They are traditionally shaped like an oval or octagon, but rectangular designs are also possible. In a garden setting, a gazebo can serve as a focal point for enjoying the view while providing shelter from the sun.  

A gazebo can be a fantastic addition to your backyard, especially if you are looking for a private and intimate space or a cozy hideaway to enjoy a book. Traditional gazebos are made of wood, but you will also find them built with wicker, aluminum, or even vinyl. You also can enclose the sides with a lattice to provide extra protection from the elements. 

Our excellent team of gazebo builders in Sandy Springs wants you to be as creative as you want and reflect your unique style.  

Which outdoor structure is right for me?

Despite sharing common design features, each of them serves a different purpose. When considering an arbor or a gazebo, choosing the right style to fit your needs will depend on use, location, and space availability. The good news is that no matter which one you decide to go with, having an outdoor living area beautifies your space and adds value and worth to your home.  

Regardless if you work with a Sandy Springs gazebo builder or a Sandy Springs arbor builder, our goal is to bring your vision together and transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis that draws you out all year round.  

If you would like to have one of these unique structures in your yard, call us at Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers to get started on your project today. 

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