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Next Level Wood Decks in Sandy Springs!

A wood decks are a long-term investment that you can enjoy for decades. As a homeowner, it is essential that you understand the best choice of materials before you start your building project. 
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As one of the leading wood deck companies in Sandy Springs, Georgia, we understand that everyone’s budget and style is unique. There are multiple options you can go with, such as synthetic or composite decking and railings. But if you are looking for an affordable deck design that naturally integrates your home and landscaping, then a wood deck is for you. We provide excellent, unmatched service that you will not find in other wood deck builders in Sandy Springs.

Interested? Keep reading to know the benefits of a wood deck.


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Should I get a wood deck?

Genuine wood renders a natural, warm appearance that radiates beauty and class. Synthetic materials are commonly duplicating wood. Not only does it look and feel good, but it is long-lasting. Because of its affordability and multiple benefits, wood is one of the most popular materials used for decking. 

The best part? Wood is versatile, meaning you get unlimited options when you build a wood deck! 

Unlimited design potential

By blending materials precisely, we can provide you with the best of both worlds without compromising your preferred style or the deck’s structural integrity. For instance, if you have a lower budget, we recommend combining wood and composites. You will still get that natural wood feel and charm along with high-quality wooden rails but with fewer maintenance hassles. Our expert team of wood deck builders in Sandy Springs can walk you through all your design options.

Unlimited coloring and staining options

With the numerous varieties of paint, stains, and sealers on the market, wood allows you to match your home’s colors and natural surroundings to your wood deck. And when it is time for a fresh look, you can easily renew and refinish the wood decking. This not only brings the wood’s natural beauty back but also extends its lifespan.

You can customize your wood deck to give you precisely what you want out of your outdoor living space. To provide you with the best economy and longevity, we at Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers recommend that you choose pressure-treated wood for your deck. 

Traditional pressure-treated decks

Pressure-treated wood is the most common and inexpensive material used for decks. The wood goes through a process that uses high pressure to force water and preservative agents to prevent termites, rot, and fungal decay.

A drawback of pressure-treated decking is it is not very dimensionally stable due to being cut from pine. The limited lifetime warranty protects against termite attack, fungal decay, and rot, wood but not weather effects. 

Its inherent natural properties tend to create wood warping, twisting, bowing, raised grain, grain separation, splitting, and shrinkage.

We can certainly provide excellent routine maintenance. We recommend yearly power washing and applying a clear wood preservative or a stain every two to three years.

With these proper maintenance programs, pressure-treated lumber can last 15 to 20 years and costs much less than other materials. Additionally, you can easily stain it to your design preference. All these factors make it perfect for wood decking.

Is a customized wood deck worth it?

Wood provides a certain warmth and elegance that synthetic materials just cannot mimic. Custom decks have a higher ROI (return of investment), which means you will make more of your money back if you sell your property in the future. 

Our team of experience wood deck contractors and expert wood deck builders at Sandy Springs Decks & Patio Covers can create a custom outdoor living space that fits your lifestyle, needs, and design preferences without draining your wallet.

If you are ready to have one of the most beautiful wood decks in Sandy Springs, Georgia, give us a call!


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